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A film by Daniel Lombroso

Closed Captions Included

Running time: 94 minutes

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About the film

The Atlantic's first feature documentary is the definitive inside story of the movement that has come to be known as the alt-right. With unprecedented access, White Noise tracks the rise of far-right nationalism by focusing on the lives of three of its main proponents: Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorist and sex blogger turned media entrepreneur; Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist, anti-immigration YouTube star; and Richard Spencer, a white-power ideologue. As white-nationalist violence surges in America and across the world, White Noise represents an urgent warning about the power of extremism, and where it's going next.


“LURIDLY FASCINATING. The intimate portrait of these shameless provocateurs sheds a much-needed spotlight, especially for those who remain ignorant of the most rabid right-wing media.” – Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“A SCATHING DAMNATION OF WHITE SUPREMACY AND HYPOCRISY. A more timely documentary there might not be the rest of this year. Among the year’s best movies.” – Eric Althoff, Screen Comment

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