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A film by Nate Townsend

88 min.


Wake Up interweaves the stories of four very different communities affected by suicide — college students, veterans, the LGBT community, and gun owners. Rather than laboring on tragedy and despair, Wake Up focuses on the leaders on the frontlines of prevention, leaving viewers feeling hopeful, informed, and encouraged. It also powerfully illustrates how positive change can be achieved when compassion is practiced over prejudice — an important and timely lesson.

The film features interviews from a number of politicians and leading experts (including Congressman Joe Kennedy and Dr. Thomas Joiner), and is the first and only film to follow the cutting-edge preventative measures being taken by the Harvard School of Public Health.



"More than a PSA or cinematic call to arms, this indie documentary is a compassionate, sincere manifesto on suicide prevention... a heartrending teaching tool that should be mandatory viewing for clinicians, academics, legislators and laymen." Courtney Howard, Variety


About the Active Minds Premiere Screening Package

The package includes digital access to the 88-minute documentary film through Vimeo plus a comprehensive guide that will help you to facilitate an engaging and informative conversation about Wake Up and suicide prevention on your campus or community. Often, starting the conversation is the most difficult part. Screening setup and resources provided by Active Minds, the nation's premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education

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