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A film by Mickey Lemle

Runtime: 82 Minutes (includes 60 minute version)

Closed Captioning included



THE LAST DALAI LAMA? takes a fresh look at what is truly important for the 14th Dalai Lama as he turns 80: The ongoing confrontation between Tibetans and China; His Holiness’s influence in political and spiritual spheres; his work with educators and neuropsychologists; and his personal feelings on aging, dying and the question: Will there be a fifteenth Dalai Lama, or will he be the last Dalai Lama?



"A surplus of wisdom and benevolence radiate from THE LAST DALAI LAMA?" - New York Times


"A poignant tribute to an extraordinary figure." - Hollywood Reporter


"The thing you want from a documentary about his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is the chance to get right up close to him, in the way that a movie can do.  You want the chance to bask in his presence and come out with a heightened sense of what he’s about. “The Last Dalai Lama? accomplishes that, and with an offhand eloquence,…Yet the Dalai Lama we see is no self-serious holy man.  He’s endlessly self-deprecating, with an exuberant laugh,… whose radiant serenity now melts through a world of noise that may never again allow that radiance to be matched." - Variety


“The Dalai Lama ... can influence a life. Lemle shows a Lama who is making the most of his time left now at age 81, with a charming passion for insects, an ease around children, and a growing power to inspire great artists and politicians. Composer Philip Glass contributes a stunning score with Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal… the more an audience member sees the beauty left in the Buddhist leader’s wake, the more it becomes clear that his influence has the power to continue generations beyond his passing.” - SFChronicle


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