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A film by Chip Duncan

Runtime: 82 Minutes

Closed Captioning included

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A dramatic expedition into an unknown world, The First Patient challenges audiences to embrace their curiosity and courage as they follow first year medical students through gross anatomy – the dissection of the human body. The Mayo Clinic School of Medicine granted unprecedented access to veteran filmmaker Chip Duncan and The Duncan Entertainment Group team to explore a world long considered taboo. The documentary proves both entertaining and emotional as the camera follows a diverse group of students, faculty and body donors on this life-affirming journey inside the human body. The First Patient provides dynamic insights into medical science, teamwork, death, and spirituality as students discover what it means to be a doctor ... and what it means to be a human being.



"As teachers we are so immersed in the sound of our own voices that too often we miss those of our students, but this film captures the essence of what we do with untouched reality and an authenticity that will resonate with all anatomy teachers and students as well as the general public.” - Nirusha Lachman, Mayo Clinic


"This is one of the finest portrayals of a diversity of intelligent, ambitious young women on screen that I have seen in over twenty years of distributing films.” - Annie Roney, ro*co films


"For any health care professional or a person in the general public, this film will trigger reflection on what it means to be a great doctor.” - Wocjiech Pawlina, Mayo Clinic




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