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A film by James Redford

Runtime: 52 minutes

Closed Captioning included

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About this film

The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia provides accounts of the dyslexic experience from children, experts and iconic leaders at the top of their fields to help us understand that dyslexia—a persistent problem with learning to read—can be as great a gift as it sometimes is an obstacle.

DRS. SALLY and BENNETT SHAYWITZ, co-directors of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, illuminate the scientific origins of dyslexia and have created a revolutionary imaging test that pinpoints, for the first time, a specific difference (or marker) in the brains of dyslexics. Dr. Sally Shaywitz explains that this unique marker, while often associated with problems with reading, is also associated with a superior ability to think out of the box, create original ideas, and see the big picture.

Super-achieving dyslexics revered in their fields—from SIR RICHARD BRANSON and financier CHARLES SCHWAB to politician GAVIN NEWSOM and attorney DAVID BOIES—confirm what the children, experts and families suggest: dyslexia carries with it as many rewards as frustrations. 



"An exemplary example of educational documentary filmmaking."
—The Hollywood Reporter

"We screened The Big Picture here at Campbell Hall with our entire faculty and staff at opening faculty meetings. The movie is powerful and gripping, focused as it is on real success stories of so many different dyslexic kids and adults, all of them articulate and likeable. We billed the film's material as useful for teachers at all grade levels, all subjects, and of all kinds of students, and judging by our teachers' uniformly positive reactions, the film delivered on that promise."
—The Rev. Canon Julian Bull, Headmaster Campbell Hall Episcopal

"Hopeful, honest and compelling."
—David Flink, Eye To Eye National

"Its stories are heart rending, its message is crucial."
—D. Schwartz September 14, 2012 Cine Source Magazine


All Educational Editions include:

1. Feature length version of the film (52 minutes)

2. Bonus video modules covering topics such as diagnosis, accommodation, and creating a better classroom for all children

3. Faculty & Student Discussion Guide (physically included within DVD case)

Edition Descriptions:

Three versions of the Educational DVD are available (content is identical), with pricing based on how the film will be used.  

Standard K-12 Package - $45

- Home viewing 

- K-12 classroom use


Premium K-12 Package - $95

- Home viewing 

- K-12 classroom use

* Includes a public performance license for a K-12 school, allowing you to host a public event at your school for parents, community, etc.


Public Viewing & Institutional Package - $295

- University use

- Public event (anywhere other than a K-12 school)

- School-wide event (anywhere other than a K-12 school)

- Multiple screenings within school or organization

- Event/meeting use

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