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A film by Kelcey Edwards

94 min.

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About the film

From the producer of the Emmy-nominated The Price of Everything, a film about who gets seen and who gets left behind in today’s seductive, secretive and unregulated art world. The film follows a diverse group of compelling young artists on the brink of unimaginable success or failure as they challenge systems, break barriers and risk it all with the goal of making it in an industry where all the rules are currently being rewritten.


"One of the most majestic and unexpected films ever made about the secret life of art. A film that brings us inside the studios of artists and allows artists to speak for themselves. A movie that moves slower, with love. Unlike almost all other documentaries on art that always and only follow the money, 'The Art of Making It' is the rare film that concerns itself with the 99.9% of artists who have lives lived in art. It is not a film about the 0.1% of artists who make all the money - about 55 artists, in all - but who get 90% of the attention. Thank you to 'The Art of Making It' for its service to the art world." - Jerry Saltz

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