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Will Film Platform work on my mobile device?

Yes. Our platform offers adaptive streaming, so you can view films across various browsers and different platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile).

Do I have to download software?

No. The system is completely online.

Does Film Platform offer proxy access / off-campus access?

Yes. Students can access the system off campus through their proxy server. So in order to access streaming, students would first have to be logged into their proxy library server (usually this means logging in the same way that they would access their library resources from off campus). Once they are logged into their proxy system, access will be activated.

Does Film Platform have a proxy stanza?

Yes. We can provide your tech department with this stanza so they can input it into your system back-end, thereby allowing Film Platform’s website to be accessible remotely.

Does Film Platform work with my learning management system (LMS)?

Yes, our system is integrated with all of the major Learning Management systems (like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, etc). Faculty can easily place links to films on their course pages within the LMS.

Does Film Platform offer subtitles? Is Film Platform 508 compliant?

Yes, subtitles and/or captions are included and accessible for each Film Platform title. We are currently in the process of making sure all of our films are 508 compliant.
Does Film Platform offer transcripts?

Transcripts for each Film Platform title are readily available upon request. We are hoping to add a function in the future making all transcripts available online on the film page. If you would like a certain film’s transcript, please get in touch with us.

Does Film Platform offer statistics?

Yes. Account administrators can access and download usage reports and viewing statistics for their university which will allow you to see which titles have been viewed and with what frequency. In a PDA model, the system also allows you to view how many tokens have been triggered and how much remains in your account.

Are Film Platform statistics SUSHI / COUNTER compliant?

No, but the statistics are detailed, providing you with a breakdown of the data of your school’s viewing history.

What type of MARC records are offered?

We can provide MARC records in MARC -8 and UTF formats.

Is there streaming access in MARC record?

Yes the link is in embedded in line 856 of the MARC record, so the link takes users directly to the streaming page.

Who produced Film Platform’s MARC records? Can we make changes?

Our MARC records were completed to standard by The Donohue Group.
Yes, you can make changes / additions to the MARC records that are used on your campus library.

How does Film Platform deliver MARC records?

All of our records (and the subsequent updates) are available at SkyRiver and OCLC. Alternately, we can email you the records directly from Film Platform.

If I have subscribed to the PDA model, can I import all of your catalogue MARC records?

Yes, and we encourage you to do that, so your school will have access to search through all of our titles through your library search system.

Does Film Platform provide MARC record updates if I have the PDA model?

Yes, if you are subscribing to the PDA model, we will send you updates of additional MARC records as new titles are added to our catalogue.

What are the terms for the Film Platform PDA model?

The PDA model allows for your school to set a budget to purchase a set number of film “tokens” for the license term (1 or 3 years). Once a budget has been set, we will provide your school access to the entire Film Platform catalogue. We also have a ‘Pay As You Go’ PDA licence available.

With PDA, each film title will be available to be viewed three times at no charge. A fourth view of the film will trigger a “purchase” of a film token for the duration of the license term. 

Film licenses expire in batches at the end of a quarter. For example, if a title was triggered in January 2016 (first quarter), the film license will expire at the end of the first quarter in the following year (March 2017). This way, a school can have all of their film licenses finishing at similar times.

If your school prepays for tokens and has remaining tokens at the end of your license term, the amount will be carried over to the following year’s license term budget. When a film title license expires, that title “resets” and goes back into the PDA pool.

Usage Statistics and Reporting with PDA:

Administrators will be able to monitor streaming usage and view a list of the triggered titles. You will also be notified quarterly regarding the status of your budget and your remaining tokens. If you are approaching the end of your budget prior to the end of the license term, a Film Platform representative will be in touch with you well in advance about how to proceed.

Do you offer PPR with the streaming?

A streaming license includes all classroom use of the film. The license does not cover out of classroom / campus-wide screenings. For this type of use, public performance rights (PPR) are required and must be purchased separately.

We also have bundles available that include both streaming and PPR DVD, and offer substantial discounts. Please see each individual title page for pricing information.

If you would like to have a DVD copy of a film for which you purchased a streaming license, but you do not need PPR, please let us know and we can work out pricing on an individual basis.

My school has a very small FTE. Do you make adjustments in your pricing based on FTE?

Yes, we can sometimes offer pricing flexibility for schools with low FTE. Please contact us to discuss.

Can I set up a trial?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

Are there maintenance/access fees in addition?

No. Once you have purchased a single title and/or subscribed to one of our collections, there are no additional fees.

Can I license just for one semester?



Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.