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A film by Eugene Jarecki

Reagan examines the enigmatic career of one of the revered architects of the modern world—icon, screen star, and two-term president Ronald Reagan. This HBO documentary, which premiered this year on Reagan's 100th birthday, traces the 40th president's meteoric rise from B-movie actor to General Electric salesman to California Governor to the most powerful office in the world, examining how an impassioned anti-Communism fueled an unexpected but seismic political career, one whose reverberations still shape Americanlife.

It also explores how a self-proclaimed group of modern-day Reagan acolytes have come to repackage his legacy, seeking to turn a deeply textured human being into an oversimplified marble icon for their own contemporary political purposes. Who is selling Ronald Reagan and to what end?

· Official Selection, 2011 Sundance Film Festival
· HBO Premiere to Commemorate Reagan's 100th Birthday
· Screened by the Pentagon on Presidents' Day 2011 to 1 million service-people in 170 countries





"In this probing and fascinating HBO documentary, filmmaker Eugene Jarecki impressively distinguishes Reagan the man from Reagan the myth. With its astute political and psychological observations, it will impress both sides of the political aisle... REAGAN IS TRULY A MASTERWORK, told with flair and intelligence."
—Duane Bygre, Hollywood Reporter

"The strengths and weaknesses of the late "Great Communicator" are well articulated in "Reagan," Eugene Jarecki's BRILLIANTLY SHAPED DOCU-PORTRAIT of the 40th U.S. president."
—Rob Nelson, Variety

"Reagan provides A FASCINATING LOOK AT RONALD REAGAN, and its subtle critique falls less on the man than on the idea of him."
—John Lopez, Vanity Fair

"★ ★ ★ ★ - I STRONGLY RECOMMEND "REAGAN," the very wonderful documentary by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki. Here, you'll get the whole picture rather than a gilded rendering or just a blackened image."
—Linda Stasi, New York Post

"Jarecki's 'Reagan' is a compellingly watchable and appropriately conflicted portrait...artfully nuanced and intellectually curious."
—Hank Stuever, Washington Post

"AN UNBLINKERED BUT RESPECTFUL LOOK at the man as well as a skillful, imaginative retelling of his long and improbable career."
—Alessandra Stanley, NY Times

"Be warned: Anyone prone to paint Ronald Reagan and his legacy with broad brushstrokes will be dumbfounded."
—David S. Morgan, CBS News

"Eugene Jarecki's 'Reagan' makes a nice change from the dense fog of hagiography... IT'S A GOOD, SMART FILM, very much worth watching even if (like me) you are something of a Reaganologist."
—Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker

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