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A series by Cullen Hoback

6 episodes (1 hour each)


A six-part docuseries directed by Cullen Hoback and executive produced by Oscar® winner Adam McKay, Q: Into the Storm charts a labyrinthine journey to uncover the inner workings of Qanon, a massive online conspiracy movement led by the anonymous figure “Q.” In order to discover Q’s true identity, the filmmaker embeds in a dark underworld populated by trolls, political operatives, and QAnon’s most prominent figures. Attention turns to the reclusive team behind 8chan, the site on which Q posts its cryptic messages, where a rivalry brews between Jim and Ron Watkins – the secretive father/son duo who own and operate 8chan – and its young founder, Fred Brennan. After a series of mass shootings are linked to his website, Fred goes on a warpath to end 8chan, and Q, at any cost. Full of twists and turns, Q: Into the Storm aims to demystify the origins of, and players behind, QAnon, chart its growth, and ask bigger questions about the consequences of free speech in the digital age.

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