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  • ro*co films is a leader in the documentary distribution world, with an educational division aimed at bringing these compelling real-life stories to schools, libraries, and other instructional environments across the country. In addition, ro*co broadens the impact and influence of our films by mobilizing communities to host, organize, and execute their own educational screening events.

    Why are the films you distribute so expensive?

    ro*co films educational handles educational and non-theatrical distribution, as opposed to consumer DVD or home video distribution. Our main customers are educational institutions and community groups who will use the film for years. When you buy these programs, remember that a good portion of the price is returned to the producer in royalties, helping them to recoup production costs and/or invest in new projects.

    Do you offer reduced rates?

    We do offer reduced rates to nonprofit and grassroots groups. If the price listed is outside your budget range, please call us at (415) 332-6471 x204 to discuss your circumstances.