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A film by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering

Closed Captions Included

Running time: 97 minutes

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About the film

Directed and produced by Oscar nominees Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, and first reported by The New York Times, On the Record presents the haunting story of former A&R executive Drew Dixon, whose career and personal life were upended by the alleged abuse she faced from her high-profile male bosses. The documentary follows Dixon as she grapples with her decision to become one of the first women of color, in the wake of #MeToo, to come forward to publicly accuse hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct. The film chronicles Dixon’s story, as well as those of fellow Simmons accusers Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher, delving into the ways black women’s voices are too often silenced and ignored when reporting these allegations.



"The stories of these women hit the familiar beats of the countless #MeToo narratives that have emerged since the reckoning of Harvey Weinstein three years ago: abuses of power, derailed careers, fearful silences, doubts and dismissals. But for black women who have been assaulted by black men, the quest for justice is intersectional. It involves negotiations between solidarity and salvation. The film communicates these complex ideas with quiet, forceful emotional clarity." - Devika Girish, New York Times

"This compelling story of sexual assault and powerful men violently abusing their positions is a reminder than the #MeToo movement didn't begin - or end - with Harvey Weinstein."- Philip De Semlyen, Time Out

"Their stories have not been told. It's shocking to hear, yet so obvious. And that's what makes On the Record such a compelling watch -- it lays out in the clearest possible terms the ramifications for black women who dare to stand up." - Louise Rugendyke, Sydney Morning Herald

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