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A film by Dawn Porter

Running time: 96 minutes

Closed captions included


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About the film

JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Dawn Porter (TRAPPED, GIDEON’S ARMY), chronicles the life and career of the legendary civil rights activist and Democratic Representative from Georgia. Using interviews and rare archival footage, JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE chronicles John Robert Lewis’ 60-plus years of social activism and legislative action on civil rights, voting rights, gun control, health-care reform and immigration. Using present-day interviews with Lewis, now 80 years old, Porter explores his childhood experiences, his inspiring family and his fateful meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957. In addition to her interviews with Lewis and his family, Porter’s primarily cinéma verité film also includes interviews with political leaders, Congressional colleagues, and other people who figure prominently in his life.



"Excellent. A joyful, galvanizing portrait of a life radically and fully lived." Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“It’s hard to imagine someone whose legacy would warrant a more urgent cinematic tribute than John Lewis, a true American civil rights icon. Since his is the kind of guidance and bravery we as a nation urgently crave, you can hardly go wrong with watching “John Lewis: Good Trouble” these days to remember what true leadership looks like.” Tomris Laffly, Variety

"Absorbing. He’s a living testament to the value of staying in the battle as long as it rages on." Eric Kohn, Indiewire

"Good Trouble shows the present in dialogue with the past, and a hero in the context of a larger movement." Mark Jenkins, Slant Magazine

"PROFOUND. This is an eye-level portrait and a human one. The subject is warm, approachable, unfailingly decent. The John Lewis of "Good Trouble" isn't just the John Lewis we want him to be, but the one we need him to be — the last great Civil Rights prophet who still moves among us and living reminder that while the battle continues, the outcome is assured. " Verne Gay, Newsday

“ESSENTIAL. The film is both a tribute and a warning — it’s part John Lewis’ greatest hits and part civics lesson about today.” Steve Pond, The Wrap

"A stirring, joyous documentary about a tireless freedom fighter. 'John Lewis: Good Trouble' shows us an activist and an effective politician—as well as a powerful and passionate public speaker—who has devoted his life to public service, often putting himself at risk to defend basic human rights." Stephanie Zacharek, TIME

"An inspirational story. The more you watch Lewis, the more fascinating he gets." Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"Makes an urgent argument: that a new wave of voter suppression has threatened the rights that Lewis labored to secure." Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times

"A timely and necessary documentary. [Has] the urgency of a call to action. It’s a film that, despite looking backward, ironically seems to be all about looking forward, with a mix of hope and resignation." Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post

"It’s hard to walk away from 'Good Trouble' and think of Lewis simply as a hero for African-Americans, or the modern progressive movement, or card-carrying liberals. He is an American hero, full stop." David Fear, Rolling Stone

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