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Institutional and Public Viewing License

  • For clubs, organizations, or departments of a school that want to show a film publicly or to an audience, including public events and assembly screenings.

    Can be screened through organizations including (but not limited to) nonprofits and advocacy organizations, churches, or any other environment outside of your private residence.

    Unlimited PPR for one single location.

    • With this license, you are free to screen the purchased film as many times as you would like, as long as each screening is in the same location.


    • DVD with the feature film.

    • Closed captioning.

    • Shorter version of the film and/or chapterized sections of the film on the same DVD when available.

    • Discussion and/or Curriculum Guides when available (delivered electronically).

    • Screening Kit (poster, artwork, stills, press kit, etc.) (delivered electronically).

    NOT for:

    • Screening in multiple locations.

      • If you wish to screen a film in multiple locations, a license required for each. Please contact us ([email protected] for pricing.

      • In a school, the whole campus counts as one location, meaning that multiple licenses have to be purchased only if you wish to screen the film on multiple campuses in an institution.

    • Fundraising events. See our FAQ for more information.

    • Screenings in commercial theaters where admission is charged.