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  • ro*co films is a leader in the documentary distribution world, with an educational division aimed at bringing these compelling real-life stories to schools, libraries, and other instructional environments across the country. In addition, ro*co broadens the impact and influence of our films by mobilizing communities to host, organize, and execute their own educational screening events.

    What is your replacement policy?

    Ro*co films will replace any damaged, stolen or misplaced DVDs at a discounted rate. This warranty applies as long as the program is offered for sale. Please notify us of the circumstances. In the case of defective media, ro*co films will almost always replace the item free of charge.

    Are your DVDs and DVD-Rs region encoded? Are they PAL or NTSC?

    ro*co films’ DVDs are formatted to be ALL-REGION, so they should play perfectly fine on DVD players around the world!

    The DVD I received suffers from skips, freezes or other issues. What should I do?

    We want to make sure that you have the best viewing experience possible, so please inform us if you experience any problems when watching our films on DVD. We do recommend that before contacting ro*co films about viewing issues, you take the following steps:

    1. Research the DVD player model you are using to identify any compatibility issues that could be responsible for the problems you are experiencing.
    2. If you are playing the DVD on a computer, try using a different software program.
    3. Carefully examine the data (non-label) side of the disc. Often, gently wiping the surface of the disc with a clean, soft cloth or rag can remove minor dirt from the disc surface and correct the problem.
    4. If there are fingerprint marks on the CD surface, dip a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol or water and gently wipe the surface.

    If you still experience poor playback, contact us by phone or email.