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A film by Ondi Timoner


From award-winning director Ondi Timoner, comes COMING CLEAN, a feature documentary examining addiction through the eyes of recovering addicts and political leaders, as they come together to bring the profiteers to justice and rebuild in the wake of the deadliest drug epidemic in our history.

COMING CLEAN follows addicts in recovery as they form alliances with policymakers to impact laws and industries and break down the stigma against addiction. 



"An eye opening film...I really strongly recommend it" - Lael Loewenstein of NPR's Film Week

"Coming Clean is an important film that will change your views surrounding drug additions" - Malika Harris, Irish Film Critic

“A movie about opiates most viewers won’t take their eyes off of. It feels weird to compliment a true-life story on such a dark topic for visual beauty, but it’s the truth.” - Luke Thompson, Films Gone Wild

“COMING CLEAN is an indictment of capitalism run rampant, and, once again, profit taking precedence over human life. Hats off to the frontline warriors taking on this cause.” - Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

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