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A film by Greg Kohs

Runtime: 90 minutes

Closed Captioning included



On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea. The best-of-five-game competition, coined The DeepMind Challenge Match, pitted a legendary Go master against an AI program that was still learning to play the world’s most complex board game. AlphaGo chronicles a journey from the backstreets of Bordeaux, past the coding terminals of Google DeepMind in London, and, ultimately, to the seven-day tournament in Seoul. As the drama unfolds before an audience of over 280 million viewers worldwide, more questions emerge: What can artificial intelligence reveal about a 3000-year-old game? What will it teach us about humanity?

Directed by Greg Kohs with an original score by Academy Award nominee, Hauschka. 



"as exciting as a top-notch Heavyweight title match" - David Kempler, BIG PICTURE, BIG SOUND


"gripping 'man vs. machine film" - Matt McFarland, CNN TECH


"Ancient Chinese board game treated with NFL-like drama and intrigue" - Michael Rechtshaffen, LA TIMES

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