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About Buying a License

  • Hosting a screening of a powerful film, whether it is in your classroom or within your community, can be one of the most effective ways to spark conversation, educate about a topic, and generate social impact. We make it easy!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Step 1:

      Pick a film. Browse our catalogue

    2. Step 2:

      Decide which version you need, based on how the film will be used:

      K-12 Classroom Use:

      At the cost of $95, this version includes the DVD, supplemental educational resources (either sent physically with the DVD or as a pdf via email). When available, this version will also include multiple versions of the film and/or customized chapters for easy classroom use. This is the standard pricing, but some of our titles may cost a bit more or a bit less. Note: This version is ONLY to be used in a small K12 classroom setting. If you would like to use the film for a presentation to the entire school, or for a screening where parents, faculty, administrators and/or members of the community are invited, then a public performance license is required and you will need to purchase the University/Public Performance version described below.

      University & Public Performance Use:

      At the cost of $295-$495, this version is to be used in all other educational settings, including college classrooms, campus screenings, employee workshops, and PTA presentations. While the content on this version is the same as the K12 version (DVD, supplemental materials, etc), the higher price is due to the fact that this version includes public performance rights. For more information about public performance rights and hosting a screening, visit our host a screening page.

      Library Use:

      If you are from a public or school library, the version that you need will vary depending on how you wish to use the film. If you simply would like to put the DVD into circulation for patrons to view in their homes, then you may absolutely purchase the $95 version. However, if you are planning a public screening of the film, or if you would like to ensure that various professors, student groups, clubs, etc are able to host screenings in the future, then you will need to purchase the University & Public Performance Use version at the $295-$495 price.

    3. Step 3:

      Make your purchase!

      Online payment using a credit card is the easiest, but we also accept purchase orders, checks, and even wire transfers. For more order information, click here Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQ page

  • FAQ

    Who can host a screening?

    Anyone and everyone.

    What kind of venue can I use?

    As long as the screening is not in a commercial theater, you are free to host your event at the venue of your choice! These include museums, libraries, schools, community centers, churches, corporations, parks, etc.

    What kind of experience do I need?

    Absolutely no experience necessary. All you need is a venue and an audience, no matter how big or small. And remember that most of these films have ongoing marketing campaigns and press buzz already running, so this will help drive people to your screening.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost to host a screening varies by film, so please select a film under our 'Titles' tab to determine specific pricing.

    What comes with my purchase?

    This includes a DVD, supplemental materials/resources, and an unlimited public viewing license for a single campus or location. Because the licensing associated with your purchase is site-specific, you may only show the film at one location (if you are from a school, the entire campus counts as a single location), and must purchase a separate DVD/license for each venue where you wish to show the film.

    While we do not provide flyers, posters, or other advertising materials, we can give you the approved poster artwork for your selected film, which you can then use to generate your own marketing materials. 

    After you have made your purchase, please contact Dana Clark at [email protected] to request the artwork.
    If you wish to use a film in a classroom setting and streaming would be the optimal format, please see information about our streaming services here.

    When can I screen the film?

    As soon as you receive the DVD, you can host a screening whenever you like! And because the screening license is unlimited, you can show the film over and over again (at the same venue).

    What sort of license do I need?

    In order to show a film anywhere outside of your home, you must purchase and own public performance rights. The good news is that our DVDs include all necessary licensing, so once purchased, you are good to go!

    Can I charge admission?

    The licensing associated with our DVDs allows you to charge a nominal ticket price (under $20/ticket) as a way to recoup the cost of hosting the event. Our DVDs can not be used for fundraisers. If you would like to use one of our films for a fundraising event, please contact us.

    I'm a film maker interested in working with ro*co films. How do I submit a film for consideration?

    Filmmakers and producers who wish to have their films considered for distribution by ro*co films are encouraged to send a description of the film via email to Allie Silvestri, who handles all acquisitions. Please include in your correspondence links to your film's website, photo galleries, or online trailer, if available. If we find your film to be a good fit for our collection, Allie will then ask you to forward a screener copy and a press-kit. The evaluation process takes about one month.

    Why are the films you distribute so expensive? What are public performance rights?

    ro*co films educational handles educational and non-theatrical distribution, as opposed to consumer DVD or home video distribution. Our programs come with public performance rights, which is the right to show the film in a public setting. This does NOT include the right to show the film on television or online, only the right to show the film in public to any audience where the projector and audience are in the same room.

    Our main customers are educational institutions who will use the film within the campus community for years. Unlike textbooks, faculty and teachers seldom assign DVDs for their students to buy. When you buy these programs, remember that a good portion of the price is returned to the producer in royalties, helping them to recoup production costs and/or invest in new projects.

    We do offer reduced rates to nonprofit and grassroots groups. If the price listed is outside your budget range, please call us at 415.332.6471 x204 to discuss your circumstances.


    What is your replacement policy?

    Ro*co films will replace any damaged, stolen or misplaced DVD at a discounted rate. This warranty applies as long as the program is offered for sale. Please notify us of the circumstances. In the case of defective media, ro*co films will almost always replace the item free of charge.


    Are your DVDs & DVD-Rs region encoded? Are they PAL or NTSC?

    ro*co films DVDs are formatted to be ALL-REGION, so they should play perfectly fine on DVD players around the world.


    The DVD I received suffers from skips, freezes or other issues, what should I do?

    We want to make sure that your have a wonderful and successful viewing experience, so please inform us of any problems you experience when watching our films on DVD. We do recommend that before contacting ro*co films about viewing issues, you take the following steps:

    1. Research the DVD player model you are using to identify any compatibility issues that could be responsible for the problems you are experiencing.

    2. If you are playing the DVD on a computer, try using a different software program.

    3. Carefully examine the data (non-label) side of the disc. Often times gently wiping the surface of the disc with a clean soft cloth or rag can remove minor dirt from the disc surface and correct the problem.

    4. If there are fingerprint marks on the CD surface, dip a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol or water and gently wipe the surface.

    If you still experience poor playback, make a note of what type of playback error you experienced and where on the disc it occurred (supplying the timecode info from your DVD player display is best) and contact us by phone or email. In most cases we will immediately replace the title free-of-charge.

    Do you offer streaming rights?

    We are currently offering 1 and 3 year streaming subscriptions for our collection through our new digital portal, Film Platform. Similar to other streaming providers, we use your IP Address, proxy server, etc to create a custom streaming page for your university. From there you can embed the streaming page into your library system (we provide MARC records), course webpages, etc.

    All Film Platform content is EXCLUSIVE, meaning you will never find one of our titles being offered on another EVOD platform.

    We are offering a number of different pricing models, to find a solution that suits each different institution. These include:

    • A la Carte purchases of individual titles (a great option if you are only interested in one or two titles)

    • Collection subscriptions (with significant pricing reductions for multiple titles)

    • Patron Driven Acquisitions (whereby you only pay for what is actually used)

    Here’s a short demo of the platform, using another one of our popular titles (A Place at the Table) as an example of how each title on Film Platform can be accessed, used, shared, and featured on your campus.

    For a single title, pricing is as follows:

    • 1 Year Streaming License: $225

    • 3 Year Streaming License: $375


    Do you have a license agreement that I can review?

    Yes. Here is our standard license agreement. Please note that licensing restrictions may vary by title, so please contact us to discuss specific circumstances: