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Streaming License

  • We are currently offering 1 and 3 year streaming subscriptions for our collection through Film Platform. Similar to other streaming providers, we use your IP Address, proxy server, etc to create a custom streaming page for your university. From there you can embed the streaming page into your library system (we provide MARC records), course webpages, etc.

    We are offering a number of different pricing models, to find a solution that suits each different institution. These include:

    • A la Carte purchases of individual titles (a great option if you are only interested in one or two titles)

    • Collection subscriptions (with significant pricing reductions for multiple titles)

    • Patron Driven Acquisitions (whereby you only pay for what is actually used)

    • Here’s a short demo of the platform, using another one of our popular titles (A Place at the Table) as an example of how each title on Film Platform can be accessed, used, shared, and featured on your campus.

    For a single title a-la-carte purchase, pricing is as follows:

    • 1 Year Streaming License: $225

    • 3 Year Streaming License: $375

    You can purchase these licenses directly through each title's page. Upon receipt of the order, we will then follow up to obtain the necessary information (IP Address, etc) to get your streaming page up and running!

    And if you are interested in one of our enhanced licensing options (full collection, PDA), please contact us.

    Still have questions? Find out more about STREAMING here