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A film by Jenny McQuaile

Running time: 82 & 60 minute versions


Ninety percent of women and young girls say they do not feel represented in the fashion industry or in media, and that the imagery they consume on a daily basis makes them feel “disgusting” and “less than”. The exciting new documentary Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image examines the industries and obstacles responsible for this body image crisis and showcases the dynamic leaders fighting for more diversity of size, race and age. At a time when our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image sets out to change the imagery we are seeing and to bolster a movement that is redefining society’s unrealistic and dangerous standards of beauty to impact society at large. 


"Beyond powerful" - Huffington Post 

"Doesn't hold back" - Teen vogue

"...will change the way you think about yourself" - Glamour

"Inspiring" - MTV 

"Boundary breaking" - People Magazine


Join the Media Literacy Week Screening Event

We invite you to join the discussion about body image, diversity and representation on November 6, when we'll kick off Media Literacy Week 2017 with a major screening event in partnership with the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).  


On November 6th we encourage schools, colleges, universities and community groups across the nation to screen the film on your own campus at 7PM EST and then tune in to a LIVE WEBCAST Q&A from Fordham University at 8.45PM. There will be with an exceptional panel of body image experts, moderated by Bustle. You'll be invited to send in your questions to the panel via Twitter and have some answered live on the night.



Hosting your Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image screening is easy


1: Secure a location on campus for your screening


2: Purchase your screening license by choosing the “Institutional & Public Viewing Edition” tab on the left of this page. You will receive your DVD bundle with an 82 minute and a 60 minute version of the film, as well as a curated discussion guide. There is also a free screening kit available with marketing tools to help you make your screening a success by clicking here. 


3: Screen the film at 7PM EST (4PM PST) on November 6th and then join in online for a live Q&A session with the filmmaker, a model from the film, a fashion industry expert, an eating disorder specialist and a body image activist at 8.45PM EST. Once you purchase the license the webcast link will be sent to you before Nov 6th so you can have it ready and it will go live when the panel starts.


4: Send in your questions to the panel via Twitter


5: Enjoy a lively discussion about the fight for a healthier body image and more representation for people of ALL sizes, ages and ethnicities in the fashion industry and media today! 


Not available November 6th, or prefer to organize your own body positivity event? No problem! The film is available to screen at any time by purchasing a license on the left of this page. And if you screen during the month of November we will send you a link to stream the panel Q&A for free!

 In a world where 90% of women and young girls say they do not feel represented in the fashion industry or in media, this film is needed now more than ever. Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image premiered on EPIX in June to great acclaim, and we are now working to bring the documentary to schools, universities and communities, where it is needed most.

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