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Educational License

  • Thank you for your interest in bringing ro*co films to your institution. Whether you are wanting to enhance your curriculum with top-tier media content or host a screening event for your community, we are here to help.
    We curate specifically for the educational market, selecting from hundreds of submissions to release only a large handful of films each year. We produce each educational edition with the highest standards of quality in mind, from the production of our DVDs to the creation of the supplemental written materials.

    What does an Educational Edition include?

    On each film’s page, you will usually see two types of Educational Edition available - The Institutional & Public Viewing Edition and a K-12 Edition. The Institutional & Public Viewing Edition typically includes the following:

    • An unlimited public performance license for a single campus or institution (this is necessary for ANY screening, of any size, happening outside of a private residence)

    • DVD containing the feature film

    • When available, we will always include a shorter version of the film and/or chapterized sections of the film on the same DVD, to make it easier to use shorter video elements for classroom instruction or discussion.

    • Closed Captioning or English Descriptive Subtitles are ALWAYS included

    • Discussion and/or Curriculum Guides - delivered electronically

    • Screening Kit (poster artwork, stills, press kit, etc) - delivered electronically

    The K-12 Edition typically includes all of the same content and materials as the Institutional & Public Viewing Edition, but the usage must be limited to small K-12 classroom instruction ONLY.

    If you are planning an assembly screening, a public event, or a parent showing of a film, then public performance rights are required and therefore the Institutional & Public Viewing Edition must be purchased.


    Students are such a vital part of bringing these important stories to schools and campuses across the globe!
    In order to host a screening on your campus, you simply need to purchase an Institutional & Public Viewing Edition to have all necessary rights to do so. You are welcome to purchase a copy yourself (or on behalf of your student group) or you can always submit a simple request through your campus library!

    Submit a request to your campus library

    This is such an easy way to bring a film to your campus without having to use your own funds. Simply call or walk into your campus library, ask for a media librarian, and tell them that you would like to host a screening of a film on campus and need help securing the public performance rights. They will be used to the higher institutional pricing and are almost always willing to purchase media that is requested by students, faculty, or staff! If helpful, please contact us and we would be happy to connect you directly with a media librarian on your campus that we have worked with in the past.

    • Consider partnering with another student group, faculty member, or organization for your event

    • This can be a great way to expand the audience for your event, enhance the programming associated (like a Q&A afterwards, panel, etc), get help with logistics, and even to get assistance with funding!

    • Invite a film representative to attend your screening

    • Having a filmmaker attend your event can be a wonderful way to draw a larger crowd, get the inside scoop behind making the film, and also to get any updates or resources around the issue tackled in the film. Contact us to learn more!



    Educators are often a key force behind illuminating important issues, driving conversation, and expanding students views beyond the boundaries of their own experience. At ro*co, we strive to give you as many tools as possible to make facilitating that process a success!

    Consider the format. Would you prefer to use a DVD, or would it be easier to offer in streaming format?

    • If a DVD works best, then you will simply need to purchase one of our Educational Editions (description above). Pricing varies by title and can be obtained on each individual film’s page.

    • If you are interested in digital access, you might want to consider pursuing a streaming subscription to one (or many!) titles through our exclusive streaming portal, Film Platform.

    Access is easy. We use your IP Address, proxy server, etc to create a custom streaming page for your institution. From there you can embed the streaming page into your library system (we provide MARC records), course webpages, etc.

    We are offering a number of different pricing models, to find a solution that suits each different institution. These include:

    • A la Carte purchases of individual titles (a great option if you are only interested in one or two titles)

    • Collection subscriptions (with significant pricing reductions for multiple titles)

    • Patron Driven Acquisitions (whereby you only pay for what is actually used)

    Here’s a short demo of the platform, using another one of our popular titles (A Place at the Table) as an example of how each title on Film Platform can be accessed, used, shared, and featured on your campus.

    For a single title, pricing is as follows:

    • 1 Year Streaming License: $225

    • 3 Year Streaming License: $375

    Submit a request to your campus library

    Whether you are interesting in DVD or streaming format, we encourage you to submit a request to your campus library for help with funding. They are used to the higher institutional pricing and almost always willing to purchase media that is requested by faculty or staff for instructional or screening use. If helpful, please contact us and we would be happy to connect you directly with a media librarian on your campus who has supported types types of purchases in the past.