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Community License

  • At ro*co films, we believe that documentary film is the perfect medium to inspire action around any number of social, political or environmental issues that we face today.


    Be the change-maker. Host public screening of a ro*co film to start the conversation in your community.


    We've made it easy! When you purchase a film from us, that purchase includes all necessary licensing to be able to show the film outside of your private residence. This license (aka public performance rights) is exactly what you need to legally show a film and avoid violating any copyright regulations.


    Host a free event, or charge admission. We understand that charging a ticket price can sometimes be necessary to offset the cost of hosting a screening.


    Ignite discussion and inspire action. Most ro*co film packages include extensive discussion guides, action items, resources related to the issues presented in the film, educational curriculum materials, and marketing deliverables such as poster artwork, stills, and press kit. Use these to make the most out of your event!


    Give the GIFT of powerful film


    If you aren’t interested in hosting a screening yourself, but you see the value in showing a particular film in an instructional or public setting, we encourage you to donate a ro*co film to a local school or organization! This is a great way to educate and activate your community around an important topic without having to facilitate an event yourself. If you have a school or org in mind, perfect. If not, please contact us to match your donation with a school or org in need.